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    Day Two of SharePoint Fest started off early with the forward thinking, Dan Holme, @danholme Microsoft SharePoint MVP.  Dan began the day  keynote speaking on Microsoft / Cloud / and what’s new with SharePoint 2013. Dan talked about Microsoft’s track record of acquiring things then integrating into products on the following release. He gave the example of FAST server. Microsoft bought FAST in 06/07 and only now with release of SharePoint 2013 are we seeing it integrated. Microsoft bought Yammer last year it’s not integrated yet. He then talked about how Microsoft intends to start speeding up the integration of products like Yammer as well as more rapid product updates to cloud users on Office 365. Dan elaborates on how Microsoft is now supporting real business users with O365. Microsoft is now a service provider not just a service developer. This is definitely a new model for Microsoft. Dan stated that Microsoft is now prioritizing cloud first. O365 is receiving updates first. Even though o365 users are seeing updates first there are still things you can’t do in cloud that you can on premise and vice versa. One of my favorite moments of the conference was what Dan described next… He asked us to  go back to ancient times. Aka the year 2006. He referred to Facebook, and iPhone… and how it was a Pre-Facebook and iPhone world when SharePoint 2010 was being developed. Dan exclaimed, “SharePoint 2010 is so SharePoint 2006”
    He then went on to explain how SharePoint 2013 is really designed for today’s world. It is all about end user value with features for task management, project management, and how the app model will enable end users to solve their own problems. Then Dan discussed something that has been coming up in many conversations that I’ve been having with my clients all across the u.s.; The infamous question of, “When should I begin moving to 2013?” Dan boldly answers with, “Why wait?!” SP 2013 is built for today’s world and 2010 simply wasn’t. Don’t wait for SP1 release to manufacture quality is very high there is already millions of production users on 365 sp 1 has less meaning. Cloud is already up to date! The longer you wait the more you lose. business problems need to be solved and business users won’t wait. Friends don’t let friends roll out social on 2010! Sharing workload decision tree define biz need can it be done on 2010, it can be done better in 2013!


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