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    2014Times are changing! (Again) 2014 is right around the corner. A time of reflection and prediction is upon us in the SharePoint Community. I recently sat on the panel for a tweetjam on SharePoint 2014 Predictions with other Industry Experts and SharePoint MVP’s. You can see our discussion here.

    Tweetjams, as well as, yamjams, are prime examples of how the social layer sparks productivity among teams or groups of professionals that need to come together and collaborate on a set of ideas. I will be discussing Productivity and the Social Layer in 2014 at a variety of conferences and SharePoint Saturdays in 2014. My first session of the year is scheduled on 1/8/14 at SharePoint Saturday St. Louis and is entitled, “Go Social or Go Home; How SharePoint + Yammer Can Kickstart Productivity in Your Organization.”

    Although I’ve sat on my share of tweetjams and yamjams; Christian Buckley, SharePoint MVP and Lead Product Evangelist at Metalogix, is just one of the tweetjam pioneers within our SharePoint community, organizing many thought provoking conversations around various topics touting each one with the hashtag #collabtalk.

    In this past year, Twitter as well as, Yammer have really given us a platform to sound off our ideas and collaborate on forward thinking ideas and concepts. It has been an exciting year also watching Yammer broadly start to enter this space.

    Working across the globe on SharePoint related projects this past year (because I have the pleasure of working for an awesome global SharePoint consulting firm; Acuvate Software) I’ve definitely witnessed a set of trends this past year.

    Reflecting; some of the highlights of SharePoint 2013 are listed below


    1) The New Project Site Template

    * I wrote a whole article about this here
    * Task Management
    * Sync with MS Project

    2) Improved Mysites

    * Task aggregation
    * The Social Layer introduced with newsfeeds and other social features such as; liking, following, and hash tagging.
    * The new improved offering of Skydrive Pro

    3.) Document Management Feature Improvements

    * Drag & Drop
    * Office Web Apps Preview Feature
    * Ability to share a document right to Yammer
    * Sharing docs for co-authoring

    4) Introduction of the App Model

    * Apps are now available for SharePoint and are stand-alone, self-contained sets of functionality that extend capabilities of a SharePoint site.
    * Users can discover and download apps on their own from the public Office Store or from their organization’s private App Catalog.
    * This changed the game for developers as well. Giving them the ability to use current web programming skills standards such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

    5) The empowerment of the End User

    * Ribbon improvements- easier to use
    * Wiki Improvements – copy and paste from Word holds formatting!
    * No code development; Goodbye Silverlight

    6) SharePoint Online Improvements

    * More parity between online and on premise
    * Self-service BI and Excel Power Pivot and Power View now give orgs a real BI option in the cloud
    * Evergreen Update Model – aka “cloud first”

    SharePoint 2013 in my opinion has been a true game-changer. I am looking forward to what 2014 has in store! Here are my predictions:


    1) Growth and Widespread Adoption of the Social Layer (especially for O365 customers)
    * The Enterprise SKU of Yammer is now being including with Office 365 E1-4 subscriptions

    2) A new governance model will be born and recognized
    * Governance in the cloud
    * Social governance – when do we use SharePoint, Yammer, and email and how?

    3) Larger trend of awareness and adoption to self-service B.I.
    * Power BI to be demanded for on-premise environments by orgs

    4) Shift to the cloud will continue
    * Starting with a better Hybrid roadmap
    * More adoption of the evergreen model

    5) The App model will change the workforce
    * The app model was introduced with SharePoint 2013, but has a difficult process for store publishing
    * This process will be simplified
    * More developers and SharePoint firms will latch onto the idea and put more apps on the store

    6) The No code developer story will grow
    * In SharePoint 2013, the no code developer story, aka, the SharePoint Composite was born.
    * More and more productivity apps will birth from this amazing set of abilities within the new SharePoint.

    7) The untold story of SharePoint 2013 will finally be told
    * Adoption to a set of new SP 2013 features that were overlooked this past year

    – eDiscovery

    – Device Channels

    – JSLink

    8) More public facing websites moving to O365
    * WCM is there and better than others platforms
    * Empowering the end users further

    9) SharePoint 2010 to feel outdated

    All in all, 2013 has been a year of improved SharePoint 2013 productivity tools.
    SharePoint finally feels like a platform built for today. I’m very excited to see how many of my 2014 predictions come to light. Cheers!


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